PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier - MAX31865
Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Breakout
Circuit Playground Express
Adafruit BME280 I2C or SPI Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor
MCP9808 High Accuracy I2C Temperature Sensor Breakout Board
Adafruit BMP280 I2C or SPI Barometric Pressure & Altitude Sensor
Adafruit Si7021 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout Board
MPL3115A2 - I2C Barometric Pressure/Altitude/Temperature Sensor
Adafruit Sensiron SHT31-D Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout
Adafruit BME680 - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor
Contact-less Infrared Thermopile Sensor Breakout - TMP006
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
Contact-less Infrared Thermopile Sensor Breakout - TMP007
MPL115A2 - I2C Barometric Pressure/Temperature Sensor
Adafruit HTU21D-F Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout Board
Light and temperature data-logger pack
Pimoroni Enviro pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero
BMP180 Barometric Pressure/Temperature/Altitude Sensor- 5V ready
Adafruit HDC1008 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout Board
DHT11 - Temperature And Humidity Sensor
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
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DHT22 - Temperature and Humidity Sensor
TMP36 - Analog Temperature sensor - TMP36
Digital Temperature Sensor (DS18B20) - TO92 IC
10K Precision Epoxy Thermistor - 3950 NTC
Soil Temperature/Moisture Sensor - SHT10
Thermocouple Type-K Glass Braid Insulated - K
Platinum RTD Sensor - PT100 - 3 Wire 1 meter long
Panel Temperature Meter / -30 to +70 °C
High Temp Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor + extras
AM2315 - Encased I2C Temperature/Humidity Sensor
SparkFun Weather Shield
SparkFun Digital Temperature Sensor Breakout - TMP102
Thermistor 10K
Thermistor 10K
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Thermocouple Type-K - Stainless Steel
One-Wire Ambient Temperature Sensor - MAX31820
LilyPad Temperature Sensor
LilyPad Temperature Sensor
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DFRobot Gravity: Analog LM35 Temperature Sensor For Arduino
DFRobot Gravity: i2C BMP280 Barometer Sensor
DFRobot Gravity: I2C BME680 Environmental Sensor