L12-P Micro Linear Actuator 30mm 50:1 12V with Position Feedback

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Peak Power Point: 17N at 214mm/s
Gear Ratio: 50:1
Max Speed (no load): 25mm/s
Input Voltage: 12V
Stall Current: 246ma
Interface: Analog voltage
Weight: 34g

Actuonix's new L series of miniature actuators combine the best features of their existing micro actuator families into a highly flexible, configurable and compact platform with an optional sophisticated on-board controller. The first member of the L series, the Actuonix L12, is an axial design with a powerful drivetrain and a rectangular cross section for increased rigidity. But by far the most attractive feature of this actuator is the broad spectrum of available configurations. For more information on configuration options, please view the L12 Configuration Sheet.

Control and Position Feedback :
This actuator provides an analog position feedback signal that can be read by an external controller. While voltage is applied to the motor V+ and ground leads, the actuator extends. If the polarity of this voltage is reversed, the actuator retracts. Actuator stroke position may be monitored by providing any stable low and high reference voltages on leads 1 and 5, and then reading the position signal on lead 2. The voltage on lead 2 will vary linearly between the two reference voltages in proportion to the position of the actuator stroke.

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• Stroke: 150mm (0.3mm accuracy)
• Dimensions: 160mm x 18mm x 15 mm
• Weight: 34g

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