Mikroe Pi 3 click shield - Click HAT for Raspberry Pi 3
Mikroe Ozone 2 click -  MQ131 Ozone (O3) Gas Sensor
Mikroe MIC23099 click - Single AAA Cell Step-Down/Step-Up Regulator w/ Battery Monitoring
Mikroe PAC1934 click - 4 Channel DC Power/Energy Monitor Board
Mikroe Secure 2 click - ATAES132A CryptoAuthentication™ with Key Storage
Mikroe Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V 190mAh
Mikroe Brushless 3 click - 3 Phase Sensorless DC Motor Driver - DRV10983
Mikroe 16x12 G click - Green LED Display w/ IS31FL3733 Matrix Driver
Mikroe MCP2517FD click - CAN FD Controller with ATA6563 is a High-Speed 5Mbit/s CAN Transceiver
Mikroe Boost 4 Click - High efficiency fully integrated Synchronous Boost Converter
Mikroe Keylock click with 3 Postions
Mikroe Angle 3 click - Magnetic Rotational Angle Sensor - AK7451
Mikroe Brushless 2 click - DRV10964 3-Phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver
Mikroe 1-Wire I2C Click - DS28E17
Mikroe Stepper 4 Click - Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Module - TB67S269
Mikroe UT-M 7-SEG R click - Ultra Thin 7 Segment RED LED Display w/ MAX6969 LED Driver
Mikroe Environment click - BME680 Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and VOC Gas Sensor Module
Mikroe UT-L 7-SEG R click - Ultra Thin 7 Segment RED LED Display w/ MAX6969 LED Driver
Mikroe USB Wizard
Mikroe USB Wizard
  • PID: 7656
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Mikroe BUCK click - DC to DC Step Down Switching Regulator with 40V Max Input Voltage
Mikroe UV 3 Click - Ultraviolet Light Sensor with I2C - VEML6070
Mikroe 7-SEG RGB click - 7 Segment RGB Digit Display Board
Mikroe MAC Address click - 24AA025E64 2K EEPROM Unique Node Address Generator w/ I2C
Mikroe BUZZ 2 click - CMT-8540S-SMT 4kHz Magnetic Buzzer Transducer
Mikroe LSM6DSL click - 6 Degress of Freedom 3D Accelerometer and Gyroscope w/ I2C
Mikroe Secure click - ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication™ with Key Storage
Mikroe EERAM 3.3V click - 47L16 Static RAM (SRAM) Memory
Mikroe EERAM 5V click - 47C16 Static RAM (SRAM) Memory
Mikroe GNSS 5 Click - NEO-M8N Global Navigation Satellite System Module w/ I2C / UART Interface
Mikroe Flip&Click PIC32MZ
Mikroe Flip&Click PIC32MZ
  • PID: 7669
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Mikroe EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard with PIC32MZ2048EFH144
Mikroe 7x10 G click - Green LED Dot Matrix Display
Mikroe IR Sense click - AK9750 Quantum-type IR Sensor with I2C Interface
Mikroe Fan 2 click - Temperature Sensing MAX31760 Precision Fan Speed Controller
Mikroe LED driver click - MCP1662 Step-up Voltage Driver with Dimming
Mikroe GPS 4 click - L70 Compact GPS Module
Mikroe mikromedia Plus for TIVA - 4.3" Touch Screen
Mikroe NFC USB Dongle - NFC Reader-Writer - PN7150
Mikroe Manometer 2 click - MS5525DSO-SB001GS Digital Pressure Sensor w/ I2C or SPI
Mikroe ATA6563 click - High Speed CAN Transceiver