Mikroe MCP73871 Click - Li-Po/Li-Ion Battery Charger with Load Sharing
Mikroe Charger 5 Click - 3.7V Li-Po/Li-Ion Single Cell Charger - MCP73113
Mikroe Brushless 6 click - 3 Phase Sensorless Brushless Motor (BLDC) Driver
Mikroe ADC 5 Click - Analog-to-Digital Converter w/ SPI - ADC121S021
Mikroe OBD-II to DB9 cable - Length 1.52m
Mikroe OBDII click - Car Diagnostic Module
Mikroe Fan 3 Click - 12 V Fan Controller with 12C Interface
Mikroe UT-S 7-SEG R click - Ultra Thin 7 Segment Red Numeric Display Module
Mikroe BroadR-Reach click - 100Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Module - BCM54811
Mikroe MIC24055 click - Buck Step-Down Regulator w/ 8A Current Output
Mikroe PIXI click - Programmable mIXed signal In/Out - MAX11300
Mikroe Vibro Motor click - Vibrating Motor Module (ERM)
Mikroe Secure 4 click - Secure CryptoAuthentication Module - ATECC608A
Mikroe LED Flash 2 Click with Torch Mode and the Flash - MIC2870
Mikroe RadioStation click - FM Transmitter 76MHz to 108MHz - Si4713-B30
Mikroe USB UART 4 click - USB to asynchronous serial data (UART) interface - FT232RL
Mikroe SQI FLASH click - 64 Mbit Serial Quad I/O Flash Module - SST26VF064B,
Mikroe RTD click - PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier - MAX31865
Mikroe Thermo J click
Mikroe Thermo J click
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Mikroe DHT22 2 click - Humidity and Temperature Sensor - CM2322
Mikroe RS485 3 click - RS422/485 transceiver Board
Mikroe Solar Energy Click w/ Boost LiPo Charger and Buck Converter Device - BQ25570
Mikroe Tamper 2 click w/ levered D2HW-A221D microswitch
Mikroe AnyNet 2G click - Cellular to Secure AWS Gateway over the air (OTA) Device
Mikroe Tamper click - Low Profile Side-Actuated Detect Switch
Mikroe LED driver 2 click w/ MCP1643 Constant Current Regulator
Mikroe Buck-Boost click - DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter - LTC3129-1
Mikroe mikromedia 7 for STM32 Shield
Mikroe Proximity 3 click - Proximity and Light Sensor - VCNL4200
Mikroe Qi Receiver click - P9025AC 5W Qi Wireless Power Receiver w/ Advanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
Mikroe MCP16331 click - Buck-Boost Voltage Regulator
Mikroe Microwave click -  PD-V11 24GHz Microwave Proximity & Motion Sensor
Mikroe 7x10 B click - Blue LED Dot Matrix Display
Mikroe 7x10 Y click - Yellow LED Dot Matrix Display
Mikroe Boost click - MIC2606 2MHz PWM DC/DC Boost Switching Regulator
Mikroe Water Detect click - Water / Electroconductive Liquid Detection Sensor
Mikroe 2x20W Amp click - MAX9744 Stereo Class D Audio Power Amplifier
Mikroe FRAM 2 click - CY15B104Q 4 Mbit Serial Ferroelectric (FRAM) Module
Mikroe Thermo 6 click - MAX31875 Temperature Sensor w/ I2C
Mikroe Secure 3 click - ATSHA204A CryptoAuthentication™ with Key Storage