Micro USB to USB C adapter

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USB C is the latest industry-standard connector for transmitting data and power. Like Lightning and MagSafe cables, USB C has no up or down orientation. Since it uses a new connector, you may have lots of cables and power supplies that are hanging around with micro B connectors. Instead of throwing those out, up-cycle them! Plug this adapter onto the end of a micro B cable and now it's a USB C.

Works great with any device that has a USB C port, especially the Raspberry Pi 4 so that you can continue to use our sturdy 2.5A 5V power plugs! These adapters don't magically give you USB C speeds if you are using a USB 2.x port, and they won't give you the power negotiation stuff because your computer doesn't have that built in. So it's strictly for devices that use 5V and up to 2.5A.

Note: Depending upon the availability, we may have some of these connectors in White or Black color. We cannot guarantee which color you might receive.

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