STRATOS Inspire Haptic Module

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STRATOS Inspire is the smart way to take out-of-home entertainment, advertising and retail to the next level – fast. Designed for quick deployment and safety tested for public use, this bolt-on module adds touchless haptics to existing installations.



STRATOS™ Inspire offers latest-generation mid-air haptics coupled with hardware suitable for public installations.

Ultraleap STRATOS™ Inspire is a robust plug-and-play haptic module suitable for creating sophisticated mid-air tactile effects for interactive public installations and demonstrations.

Designed for compliance with consumer regulations and for use in public spaces, STRATOS™ Inspire can be bolted onto existing display solutions or used to develop innovative new experiences.


STRATOS™ Inspire highlights:

  • Certified compliant to safety and electrical regulatory standards (CE, FCC, NRTL, PSE)

  • Wide range of high-quality sensations

  • Designed for simple integration

Ultrahaptics with Hand

Ultrahaptics Core for Unity

Ultraleap Core Asset (UCA) for Unity® for STRATOS™ only

A new haptics plugin designed to allow developers to create digital experiences in which users can feel interactions with virtual objects with their bare hands. Currently in closed beta.

Ultraleap “virtual touch” haptic technology

Ultraleap’s patented algorithms control ultrasound waves to create haptic sensations in mid-air – shapes and objects that cannot be seen, but can be felt. No controllers or wearables are needed; the “virtual touch” technology uses ultrasonic transducers to project sensations directly onto the user’s hands.


The STRATOS Inspire Haptic Module includes:


  • 256-transducer array and control board (ARM® and FPGA architecture)

  • Robust, easy to integrate enclosure (IPX4X splashproof)

  • Leap Motion® camera module for hand tracking and gesture recognition


  • Software Development Kit (C#, C++ API and Unity®)

  • Support for Windows, OSX and Linux based platforms

  • Sensation Editor tool: rapidly evaluate and experiment with mid-air haptics sensations

  • Demo suite with advanced use cases to help get you started quickly

  • Online support at

Extraordinary haptic sensations

STRATOS™ Inspire is particularly suitable for digital signage, event marketing, location-based entertainment and AR/VR applications.

The platform’s enhanced performance, fully embedded architecture and potential for larger interaction zones dramatically widen the range of possible applications.

STRATOS™ is a flexible platform designed to accommodate larger array sizes, future developments such as rich haptic textures and individual finger targeting, and multiple types of transducers, operating systems and tracking cameras.

Ultrahaptics Stratos Inspire with hand

Ultrahaptics Stratos Inspire Base

Ultrahaptics Stratos Inspire Interactiv Poster

What’s included

  • STRATOS Inspire haptic module
  • Quick setup guide
  • Detailed specifications with mounting guidelines
  • Power supply and cables (US, UK, EU)
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Stand and screws


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