Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Full Kit - 6mm & 16mm Lenses Included

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12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor, 7.9mm diagonal image size, and back-illuminated sensor architecture, with adjustable back focus and support for C- and CS-mount lenses.

Interchangeable lenses: The High Quality Camera is designed to accept CS-mount lenses and, with the supplied adapter, C-mount lenses. The CGL 6 mm CS-mount and 16 mm C-mount lenses are examples of third-party products that are compatible with the High Quality Camera; see step-by-step instructions for fitting these CS-mount and C-mount lenses.

Operating instructions: For a guide to getting your camera up and running, including back focus adjustment, tripod mounting, connecting your camera to a Raspberry Pi computer, and operating camera software in Raspbian to capture images, see raspberry pi's online Getting started guide.


  • Sony IMX477R stacked, back-illuminated sensor, 12.3 megapixels, 7.9 mm sensor diagonal, 1.55 μm × 1.55 μm pixel size
  • Ouput: RAW12/10/8, COMP8
  • Back focus: Adjustable (12.5 mm–22.4 mm)
  • Lens standards: C-mount, CS-mount (C-CS adapter included)
  • IR cut filter: Integrated
  • Ribbon cable length: 200 mm
  • Tripod mount: 1/4”-20

Shipping List:
  • Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 12.3 MP
  • Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 16mm Telephoto Lens
  • Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 6mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Tripod mount: 1/4”-20
  • Ribbon cable length: 200 mm
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