PQ12 Linear Actuator 20mm, 100:1, 6V, Potentiometer

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Peak power point: 27N @ 4mm/s
Gear ratio: 100:1
Max speed (no load): 9mm/s
Input voltage: 6VDC
Stall current: 550mA

The Actuonix PQ12 Actuator 20mm, 100:1, 6V, Potentiometer is Actuonix's unique line of Miniature Linear Actuators. It enables a new generation of motion-enabled product designs, with capabilities that have never before been combined in a device of this size. These tiny linear actuators are a superior alternative for designing your own push/pull mechanisms.

The PQ12 actuators are complete, self contained linear motion devices with position feedback for sophisticated position control capabilities, or end of stroke limit switches for simple two position automation. Driving them couldn't be easier, simply apply a DC voltage to extend the actuator, and reverse the polarity to retract it. Several gear ratio's and voltage options are available to give you varied speed/force configurations.

Basis of Operation

The PQ12 is designed to push or pull a load along its full stroke length. The speed of travel is determined by the load applied. (See the Load Curves). When power is removed the actuator will hold its position, unless the applied load exceeds the backdrive force. Stalling the actuator for short periods will not cause damage, however repeated stalling will shorten the life of the actuator.

The potentiometer actuators have no built in controller, but do provide an analog position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller. The PQ12 potentiometer actuators can be used as a linear servo by connecting the actuator to a microcontroller such as the CIB control board offered by Actuonix. This control board reads the position signal from the PQ12, compares it with your input control signal then commands the actuator to move via an onboard H-bridge circuit.

Compact miniature size
Precise position feedback
Limit switches
Simple control
Low voltage
Equal push/pull force
Easy mounting

Consumer appliances
RC vehicles
Industrial automation

What's Included

PQ12 Linear Actuator 20mm, 100:1, 6V, Potentiometer


• Gearing ratio: 100:1
• Peak power point: 27N @ 4mm/s
• Peak efficiency point: 14N @ 7mm/s
• Max speed (no load): 9mm/s
• Max force (lifted): 35N
• Max side Load: 15N
• Back drive force: 60N
• Stroke: 20 mm
• Input voltage: 6 VDC
• Stall current: 550mA @ 6V
• Mass: 15g
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Positional accuracy: ±0.1mm
• Lifetime: 20,000 strokes, 20% Duty Cycle
• Audible noise: 55dB @ 45cm
• Ingress protection: IP-54
• Feedback potentiometer: 1/8W Non-Buffered 10kO Potentiometer
• Limit switches: Max. current leakage: 8uA

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