Pimoroni Rainbow HAT for Android Things™ and Raspberry Pi

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The Rainbow HAT from Pimoroni has a buffet of sensors, inputs, and displays to explore Android Things™. Use it as a weather station, a clock, a timer or stopwatch, a mood light, or endless other things.

Pimoroni collaborated with the Android Things™ team at Google to create this great add-on board that features displays, sensors, sound, and lots of LEDs! It's the perfect introduction to developing Android Things applications on the Raspberry Pi.

For information on how to get started with Android Things and Rainbow HAT visit the official developer site for Android Things.


  • Seven APA102 multicolor LEDs
  • Four 14-segment alphanumeric displays (green LEDs)
  • HT16K33 display driver chip
  • Three capacitive touch buttons
  • Atmel QT1070 capacitive touch driver chip
  • Blue, green, and red LEDs
  • BMP280 temperature and pressure sensor
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Breakout pins for servo, 12C, SPI, and UART (all 3v3)

The board is designed specifically to show off the wide range of protocols available on the Raspberry Pi, including SPI (the APA102 LEDs), 12C (the BPM280 sensor and 14-segment displays), GPIO (the capacitive touch buttons and LEDs), and PWM (the piezo buzzer).

Visit the official Rainbow HAT driver project on GitHub to get instructions and code snippets for getting started with the Rainbow HAT on Android Things™!

Raspberry Pi not included.


For product support, replacement parts and warranty for Pimoroni products visit the Pimoroni forum or contact Pimoroni directly.

Product Dimensions: 65.0mm x 55.0mm x 12.3mm / 2.6" x 2.2" x 0.5"

Product Weight: 26.4g / 0.9oz

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