Mikroe FlowPaw Kit

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FlowPaw is a development board disguised as an electronics toy. Intended to teach children to programming and hardware, the kit comprises a main board, four click boards, and a graphical programming software called FlowStone STEM.


FlowPaw’s four claws with click board sockets, each click board adds a new functionality to the paw. Included in the box are a proximity sensor, a 8x8 LED display, an accelerometer and a buzzer

Make learning fun and engaging

Kids are curious, but keeping their attention is hard. Especially now when toddlers are swiping, zooming and tapping iPads before they’re potty trained. And the available digital distraction sure don’t decline with age.


Still, technology is much more fascinating than slicing fruit mid-air. You just need a right way to present it.Take a step in the right direction.

FlowStone - A series of small wins

When children get immersed into a fun activity it’s like they’ve fallen under a spell — eyes widen, the breath is still. But even then, they’re tiptoeing on the edge of boredom. As soon as it gets too repetitive the spell is broken. Make it too challenging — again it doesn’t work.

The key to keep the junior code learner spellbound is to provide a steady stream of small wins early on. That’s what Flowstone — the programming software that comes with FlowPaw — is designed to do...

Get the hang of it in 10 minutes

Programs are built by picking and connecting pre-existing components. Start by tweaking one of the 25 provided examples.

Dig deeper as you get better

Some FlowStone components are actually nuggets of Ruby code. As you refine your creations, you’ll start hacking and your coding confidence will grow.

Get immediate feedback

Give it a shot. Try and fail. Try again. A rapid succession of trial and error is the quickest way to learn — and FlowPaw responds in real-time.

Keep scratching the curiosity itch

Curiosity feels like an itch; the more you scratch it — by finding answers to questions and learning new stuff — the more it itches.


FlowPaw’s four claws with click board sockets will keep you scratching. Each click board adds a new functionality to the paw.

Included in the box are a proximity sensor, a 8x8 LED display, an accelerometer and a buzzer.

Tech specs



  • STM32F415RG
  • ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M4
  • 1024 KB of Flash Memory
  • 192 KB SRAM
  • 168 MHz


  • 4 mikroBUS sockets
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 4 Analog inputs
  • 192 KB SRAM
  • 8 Servo Motor outputs


  • Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Requires at least 512 MB RAM

What’s in the package?