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Grove Creator Kit Alpha - 20 Modules Kit

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Grove creator Kit is specially made for Beginners, educators, students and whoever is interested to learn about ArduinoRaspberry Pi and Micro: bit. The special thing about this Kit is that it doesn’t need soldering or extra wiring. Grove uses the JST connector in each and every sensor. This kit includes 20 Sensors to make various projects. The sensors can be used for many DIY projects like Sound Sensor, IR Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Temperature Sensor and many more. The Grove Creator kit comes in three different flavors, namely, α, β and γ which includes 20, 30, 40 electronics modules respectively. This will allow you to have a never-ending session of creativity. Click here to know about Grove!

Grove also provides a step-by-step guide Book to use each and every sensor with Raspberry PI, Arduino, and Micro: bit. Download the Book in PDF format

All the Sensors included in the kit are listed below. To know more about any Sensor, click over there and check all the details.



The Kit comes with 4 types of Cables:

Compatible with:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Python
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