Dual 600mA H-Bridge Motor Driver for DC or Steppers - L293D

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Are you driving a robotic arm using a motor in a direction, which needs to be reversed? Have you wondered how will you do that by a micro-controller without have to tweak even a single wire. This L293D Dual 600mA H-bridge motor driver IC for DC or Stepper motor is capable of executing that function. Majority of the power electronics control application employ H-Bridge like DC-to-AC converters (power inverters), most AC/AC converters, the DC-to-DC push–pull converter, most motor controllers, a bipolar stepper motor you name and they are almost driven by a motor controllers containing H bridge.

H-bridge circuit consists of 4 switches arranged in bridge like fashion, that means 2 switches (S1,S2) on one leg and 2 switches (S3,S4) on another leg and the load is connected in between. This arrangement allows the high voltage to be flown in either direction of load. As you know voltage should change its direction to be able to rotate the motor in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. It can also be used for braking of motor.

In a single L 293D IC there two h-Bridge circuits which can rotate 2 dc motors or 1 stepper motor independently. Due to its size it is very much used in robotic application for controlling DC motors. The normal current limit of IC is 600mA but it can handle peak current of 1.2A for short amount of time. The chip comes with built in kick-back diodes internally so you dont have to worry about the inductive kick damaging your project or driver. At a 5V as alogic voltage a PWM input drives this IC in order to control the motor speed and the IC is capable of controlling motor from 4.5V to 36V.


Weight 0.99g
Controllable Motor Voltage 4.5V to 36V
Operating Voltage 5V
Normal Current Limit 600 mA
Peak Current upto 1.2A

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