DC Motor in Micro Servo Body

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This tiny DC Motor in Micro Servo Body is an interesting motor - it's the same size and shape as our micro servo but it isn't a servo. It's more like a DC motor + plastic gear-train in a box. It's not a super powerful motor, it would do well as a little robot wheel. It's also a lot less expensive than a micro servo (continuous or non-continuous) because there is no control board inside. Controlling speed is done by PWM'ing the power leads, controlling direction is done by swapping the power polarity - just like any brushed DC motor.

Runs from 4-6VDC, we've powered it with a Lipoly and 3 alkaline, or 4 NiMH batteries with success. You cannot control this directly from a microcontroller pin! You must have a H-bridge such as a L293D, TB6612 or a Motor shield, Motor HAT or DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing.

Motor comes with 2x screws and 2x nuts for mounting to a chassis. No flanges or horns included - it's intended to mate with our little wheels, there's a screw to attach once they're plugged together. Build a robot vehicle of your own with these little motors driving it!


Stall Current 550mA (for 4.8V) / 650mA (for 6V)
Peak Stall Torque 1.3 kg/cm ( for 4.8V) / 1.5 kg/cm (for 6V)
Operating Current 100mA (for 4.8V) / 120mA (for 6V)
No Load Speed 110 RPM (for 4.8V) / 130 RPM (for 6V)
Weight 8.4
Spline Count 21
Dimensions 32.3mm x 12.3mm x 29.9mm

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