Grove Base Shield V2.0 for Arduino

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Arduino Uno is the most popular Arduino board so far, however, it is sometimes frustrating when your project requires a lot of sensors or LEDs and your jumper wires are in a mess. The purpose of creating the Base Shield is to help you get rid of breadboard and jumper wires. With the rich grove connectors on the baseboard, you can add all the grove modules to the Arduino Uno conveniently! The pinout of Base Shield V2 is the same as Arduino Uno R3.


  • Operating voltage 3.⅗V
  • Operation Temperature -25℃ to +85℃
  • Analog Ports 4
  • Digital Ports 7
  • UART Ports 1
  • I2C Ports 1
  • Size 69mm x53mm
  • Hardware Overview

    • 1-Analog Ports: include 4 anlog ports, A0, A1, A2 and A3.
    • 2-Digital Ports: include 7 digital ports, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7 and D8.
    • 3-UART Port: 1 UART port.
    • 4-I2C Ports: 4 I2C ports.
    • 5-Power Switch: when using Arduino UNO with Base Shield v2, please turn the switch to 5v position; While using Seeeduino Arch with Base Shield v2, please turn the switch to 3.3v.
    • 6-Reset Buton: reset the arduino board.
    • 7-PWR LED:The Green LED turns on when power on.
    • 8-P1, P2:please solder the pads P1 and P2, if use Base Shield v2 with Seeeduino V3.
    • Dimension: 2.1 * 2.7 inch

    Compatible Boards

    The Base Shield is tested and fully compatible with the following boards:

    • Arduino Uno(all revisions)/Seeeduino(V4&V4.2)
    • Arduino Mega/Seeeduino Mega
    • Arduino Zero(M0)/Seeeduino Lorawan
    • Arduino Leonardo/Seeeduino Lite
    • Arduino 101
    • Arduino Due 3.3V
    • Intel Edison 5V
    • Linkit One


    Technical Details
  • Dimensions 69mm x53mm x23mm
  • Weight G.W 40g
  • Battery Exclude