Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminum Case with Dual Fan

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Looking for a way to keep your Raspberry Pi 4 running cool and also look cool? We've got a two-birds-one-stone solution for you. This enclosure kit is absolutely perfect, is extra durable, but also terribly chic.

Constructed from solid anodized aluminum, so it's got nice heft. It has slim openings for all your cables, slots for your Pi Camera and other peripherals, and a space for a GPIO cable to extend out from the Pi.

Best of all, it's got two fans, for ultra-chillness. Your Pi will definitely never overheat with this kit. The fans are not electronically controlled, they'll always be on when the Pi is powered.

We also carry a version of this enclosure WITHOUT dual fans - it will be a completely quiet because there's no fan noise, and use less power. It the non-fan version uses the entire case as a heatsink instead.


  • Sleek anodized enclosure (2 pieces)
  • 2 x 5V DC brushless fans 
  • 12 x 11.8mm tall Torx T8 screws
  • Allen wrench

Please note: You do not need a fan for your Pi, as it will automatically adjust its speed to avoid overheating. The fans are designed for use cases where you want to run it at top speed for a long time, say during some Machine Learning, rendering, emulation, or video playback.

This enclosure is compatible only with Raspberry Pi 4 computers, Raspberry Pi 4 is not included.

Note: One fan will usually run a little faster than the other - this is expected.


Assembled dimensions: 85mm x 55mm x 25mm

We've got a handy assembly guide too!

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