10A 7-30V Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield

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10A 7-30V Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield is a 2-channel high power motor driver shield for Arduino. It is able to control two brushed DC motors or single bipolar/unipolar stepper motor from 7 V to 30 V.

With discrete NMOS H-Bridge design, this motor driver is able to support 10 Amp per channel continuously without any additional heatsink. The onboard test buttons and motor output LEDs allow a functional test of the motor driver in a quick and convenient way. Buck regulator which produces 5 V output is also available to power the Arduino main board. This eliminates the need for extra power supply for the Arduino main board.

This motor driver can be controlled with PWM and DIR inputs. The Arduino pins for these inputs are configurable via jumpers. If the specified pins on Arduino are already used up by other application/shield, you can select another pin easily with the jumper.



  • Shield for Arduino form factor
  • Bidirectional control for two brushed DC motor
  • Control one unipolar/bipolar stepper motor
  • Operating Voltage: DC 7 to 30 V
  • Maximum Motor Current: 10A continuous, 30 A peak
  • Buck regulator to produce 5 V output (500 mA max)
  • Buttons for quick testing
  • LEDs for motor output state
  • Selectable Arduino pins for PWM/DIR inputs
  • PWM/DIR inputs compatible with 1.8 V, 3.3 V and 5 V logic
  • PWM frequency up to 20 kHz (Output frequency is same as input frequency)
  • Overcurrent protection with active current limiting
  • Temperature protection
  • Undervoltage shutdown

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  • 1 x Cytron 10A 7-30V Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield


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